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Sissification & Misogyny

In recent years people have been examining their kink practices through a socially aware lens, which is definitely a good thing. Sissification and feminization have come under a lot of scrutiny and it's wonderful that people are thinking critically about these topics.

Unfortunately, sometimes the conclusion reached is a bit too black and white... the reality is more nuanced.

Like most kinks, sissification can be done in a plethora of ways that don't perpetuate misogyny. I personally do a great deal of sissy play in My sessions and also enjoy it in My lifestyle play. I believe Women are powerful and amazing and this belief is not at odds with My actions.

I often practice encouraging feminization, which focuses on affirming statements and affectionate domination. Many of My clients have had realizations about their gender identity or presentation through these experiences. Others just feel relieved to have a place they can explore parts of themselves they are not able to in other areas of their lives.

I also do humiliating feminization, where the humiliating and degrading aspects are not based on the performance of femininity itself but rather the submissives appearance, willingness to do any number of degrading activities to please Me, or ridiculous outfits (let's be real- most sissy lingerie is made to look ridiculous and is not how women really dress). Even in terms of traditional sissy play, I think it's important to touch on how a powerful Woman making fun of a submissive man for feminine traits is a way to flip the script and take back power. Every woman I know has been made to feel silly, stupid, or too promiscuous by a man at some point in her life. Turning that back around and directing it at men can be healing- for both parties. This concept is also the basis for many different types of play in the FemDom world besides sissy play.

Beyond that, toxic masculinity is real and it does weigh heavily on most men. They feel pressure to behave certain ways, deny their interest in anything that appears too feminine, be in charge, and be logical creatures who are not emotionally-driven. Sissy play is a common kink for a reason- men need a place they can shed all these expectations. By creating a space where they experience a concentrated, exaggerated feminine experience that is the complete opposite of all the pressures of toxic masculinity, they can experience catharsis and release. Humiliation is about acceptance at it's root, after all. It's easy to look at sissification from a distance and see misogyny, the same way some people perceive female submission to a male Dominant as anti-feminist behavior. We should all be working towards challenging systemic oppression, but as it stands this is the reality of the world.

Men who participate in sissification should educate themselves on feminist issues and be allies to women outside the dungeon, of course, but sissification is not inherently misogynistic.


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