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My interest and involvement in BDSM is both personal and professional. In addition to My time as a Dominatrix, I have 8 years of experience (& counting...) as a lifestyle Domme. I live BDSM... Nothing in My life is "vanilla" and I'm very happy that way. 


In high school I was the quiet, creative, goth girl who made honor roll; quirky & intelligent with a mean streak I didn't yet recognize as sadism. As I grew, I found My voice and My power and learned how to harness it. I stopped ball-tapping random guys for laughs (consent is important!) and started practicing RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) in My personal Femme-led relationships. I became involved in the local community and learned a great deal from My peers. My skills and knowledge are ever-expanding! 


I'm passionate about BDSM and I'm also intelligent enough to know that there is value in the experience I can provide. A great amount of preparation, creativity, and emotion go into every single session. Nothing I do is cookie-cutter... it's art. 


I offer things that I enjoy doing because it's important to Me that sessions be authentic. Although role play may be involved, I am not an actress. I immerse Myself fully into the session and ride the waves with you. Because of this, I don't usually accept requests for highly scripted sessions. Leave room for My creativity and enjoy the natural path the session takes- you'll be happier for it.