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BDSM is My passion and career and it colors My entire worldview. I believe in taking rewarding, measured risks and connecting deeply and authentically with people. I believe in autonomy and consent, and love creating experiences where that autonomy is freely handed over. I'm a deeply hedonistic and erotic creature, and am very comfortable using My sexual prowess combined with My above-average intelligence to disorient and control My prey. 


You will find Me warm and pleasant upon meeting- a down-to-earth but commanding Domina with a fire in My eyes that keeps you teetering on the precipice between anxious and excited. My intuitive and empathetic nature inspires trust and ease submitting, while My aggressive sadistic streak challenges and keeps you guessing. This combination can safely take you to depths previously imagined unattainable.


I consider Myself a perfectionist (with just the right amount of chaotic energy) and that shows in My play. My attention to every detail leaves nothing for you to focus on but letting go and suffering. You will become pliable in My presence, and be easily molded to My desire. I will shed you of the skin you wear in your daily life, make you vulnerable and exposed and then exploit and explore your psyche.


While I am happy to play with those who step briefly into the kink realm to satisfy a curiousity or those who seek a rare luxury experience, I am especially adept at crafting long-term journeys with deep connection and growth. I hold the ability to coax and edge you closer and closer to your limits until they begin to feel too confining and restrictive. I can intuit your deepest desires before you even gain awareness of what they are.


I'm what you've been yearning for.

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