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I have several recurrent FemDom fantasies; some of which might be brought to fruition during our time together. Others will remain fantasies...


You're helpless- bound completely in chains; immobilized and blindfolded. Your poor little cock is throbbing inside it's metal cage. Useless. You can't see Me, but you can sense that I'm close to you... you may even be able to smell My intoxicating aroma. You feel Me touching you and your heart starts to beat a little faster.

I've strapped a harness to your body and you feel Me attaching something to it. Suddenly I'm straddling your body and My weight on you is both comforting and arousing. Because you can't see or move, your other senses are heightened; you can smell Me intensely now... almost taste how sweet I am. You hear noises of pleasure and My weight on you is no longer constant, but rhythmic. The motions make your cock strain against its cage even harder.

After several minutes you hear the unmistakable buzz of a magic wand. You wonder what I'm going to do to you- but I won't be using it on your body. You're an object; a prop for My pleasure. Sounds of pure ecstasy overwhelm your senses, and you feel warm wetness running down onto your locked up manhood.

You've been denied, but suddenly a phallic object is shoved in your mouth. "Clean it off!" I snap at you, and you do as you're told... savoring the taste and knowing you're not worthy of experiencing it any other way.


You stand in front of Me, naked and vulnerable. I'm looking through a rack of clothing- all pink, red, ruffles and silk. Your cheeks feel warm; you're embarrassed at what you know is coming. But you want it so badly. It's all you've been able to think about for weeks, all you think about when you touch yourself.

I pull out a red satin set and hold it up. "Oooh, this one's really slutty. Perfect. Turn around." You obey, grateful to turn away from My gaze for a moment. My hands touch your waist and you can feel the satin bra in My hand. I slide it up to your chest and fasten it behind your back. "I bet you feel sluttier already!" You don't respond- frozen by embarrassment and arousal.

The next piece is a satin waist cincher. It feels so good as I slide it against your skin, soft and smooth; just like My hands. You relish every moment I'm touching your body. I secure each hook slowly, knowing you're eager to get a look in the mirror. 

"Time for the panties! Lift up your foot, slut." You slowly lift your foot up, trembling as My hands touch you again. "Other foot now." I dress you like you're My doll. I slide the panties up, touching your thighs more than is necessary. Your little cock gets harder. "Let's put some lipstick on that whorish mouth. Sit down over here." You turn around and notice a vanity covered in girlish things, and a chair with a pink pillow on it. Following My orders, you nervously walk to the chair, with your head down, and take a seat.

You watch Me open a drawer full of makeup. I pull out a tube of lipstick- as I twist it up you notice it's the same shade of red as your satin lingerie. "Look at Me." I instruct you, and you reluctantly lift your head up to meet my gaze. You feel My hand on your face, as I use the other to slowly paint your lips. "Such a pretty slut, you're almost ready."

"Stand up and come look in the mirror!" You slowly stand up, very aware that the tiny satin gstring doesn't cover your excited little cock. Once in front of the mirror, you admire yourself. You watch your reflection as I come up behind you, closer and closer. You can feel My body pressed against you, and I reach My arms around you to stroke the satin waist cincher that hugs your waist. "Now you're ready to be My slut." Suddenly My gentle touch turns rough, grabbing your body and forcefully turning it toward Me. I push you down to your knees, "Wait here; keep your head down."

You do as told, even though you're curious and your heart is beating fast in anticipation of what's next. You can hear noises coming from around the corner... something metallic perhaps. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Me approaching. "Look at Me, slut." Your heart beats faster than you thought possible when you raise your head. I'm wearing a harness with an enormous black cock attached. Your eyes widen, and you can feel your own, much smaller cock pushing the satin panties away from your body. This is what you've been waiting for. 

I grab a fistful of your hair and pull your head back, forcing you to look Me in the eyes. "I'm gonna teach you how to suck cock like a good little slut. Open your mouth" ...



You're flat on your back on a padded table, bound tightly by chains. You watch as I climb up on the table and stand above you; My feet positioned on either side of your naked body. You're desperate to touch Me, but your wrists are cuffed and secured to the table with very little slack.

"You love My ample ass, don't you?" I ask, already knowing the answer, and your nervousness makes it hard to force out your reply. "Yes, Princess." 

I turn around, and from below you have the perfect view of My strong thick thighs and the part of My body you long to worship. I run My hands slowly from My tiny waist, seductively following the drastic curve to My hips and down to My ass. Your mouth waters when My hands glide over My ass and I lightly grab both cheeks, knowing how much it excites you. Your body responds and I notice- turning to look at you and smirking.

You're anxious to get closer, and your anticipation builds as I make My way up the table and turn around. My feet straddle your head and I lean down close to your face. "You'd be lucky to die with your face buried in My ass" I whisper, looking into your eyes. You feel as if I can see into your mind, and it makes you more nervous. Somehow I know exactly what you fantasize about. 

Your excitement grows, and so does your cock. I'm lowering My body down towards your face, and as I get closer to you it's as if My ass is your whole world. My ass is even bigger than you realized, and a brief feeling of panic hits you as you realize you won't be able to breathe.

"Take a deep breath..." The soft skin against your face relieves your panic and you feel both peaceful and aroused. My scent overwhelms you; it's all you can smell and you want to taste it. You know better so you keep your mouth shut. 

"You'd live here if you could, with your face wedged in My ass." I taunt you and it's true. You don't want it to end but you realize you can't hold your breath much longer. My ass is pressed so firmly against your face; nothing else exists for you in that moment. Your lungs long for air but your mind and your cock want you to stay there forever. I gently slide back and forth across your face and you manage to sneak a little air. It's not enough.

Just when the panic from lack of air hits you, I lift up and your eyes follow My ass. 

"Aw, I bet you want more, don't you?" I ask as you gasp and your lungs expand. You feel a rush of excitement and respond enthusiastically "Please, Princess!"

"Why should I give you more? Tell Me." You know the answer, but you can't articulate it very well at the moment. You mumble something about how much you love My ass, and I respond "Because you're a dirty little ass addict, isn't that right?"

"Yes, Princess." 

"Say it!" I snap at you. You mumble again- "I'm a dirty little ass addict" and I don't look pleased. 

"Louder!" You repeat it, raising your voice to a volume you hope is acceptable.

"Take another breath" I instruct you and once again you see My glorious ass lowering towards your face. You try to burn the image into your head so you'll never forget it. Your face nestles back into the place you belong...

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