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"General wisdom assumes that we shouldn’t go for the most extreme experience on a first run. I have never been great at following orders–first tattoo on my foot, first roller-coaster was the biggest baddest one in the park, first porn search was lesbian anal fisting. I like intensity and I like extremes and I LOVE Princess Poison. Princess Poison was the first pro-Domme I have ever visited and, in a sense, my first fully realized, start-to-finish, in-person foray into submission and masochism. I am a queer femme cis-woman, and I hope this review can help other femme/AFAB people who are interested in Domme services, and convince–perhaps cast a spell like Princess Poison does–them to book with Her without further question.

I had been curious about booking a session with a pro-Domme for a long time, and when I looked up Dommes in Austin, She hooked me immediately. (She is just as charismatic and fun and thoughtful in person as She is on her website.) After some very lovely and thorough email exchanges, where Princess Poison was exacting and precise about my fantasies and limits, we were booked for a session and I was trembling at the dungeon door like a nervous teenager waiting for her prom date.

Once we began the scene, I couldn’t stop grinning. I was in puppy-play, full-slut training, beat my ass til it’s black and blue heaven. Princess Poison has an intuitive, almost supernatural attunement. I felt deeply cared for throughout the session, even at the height of intense, wicked, almost unbearable pain and suffering. She even managed to turn my “yellows” (W/we got there twice) into opportunities to lovingly, sadistically humiliate me, in a way that unlocked a deep wild hunger. I will always remember Her laugh each time I screamed, barked, cried out, or moaned. She is a true sadist and you will want to please Her and hear those laughs–you will want to push as far as you can to make Her happy–and She will make you."

"First off, I am very new to the world of professional BDSM sessions. When my curiosity got the best of me, I decided to research potential doms in the Austin area.

Princess Poison stood out immediately, and in checking out Her websites, fantastic reviews and breathtaking content, I knew I had found someone very exciting!

The booking process was beyond easy, the form to be filled gave me choices that I didn’t even know I wanted and allowed me to express personal fantasies and preferences. After submission, I received prompt and persistent communication from Princess throughout, and we coordinated dates between Her getting more clarification about my deeper desires and kinks. 

On the day of the session I was a little nervous, but that all fell away and I was like a puppy at the door! She was very welcoming and had a natural way of putting me at ease, and when the session began I was ready to do anything She asked me to.

Her bondage is A++, and so is her scent! As she fulfilled my fantasies and I did my best to please Her, I couldn’t help but think about the prospect of serving long term, immediately enchanted by Princess Poison’s dominance and abilities. Just thinking about Her voice makes me hard with anticipation of being underneath Her again soon!

Cannot recommend more to anybody else interested; whatever your experience level, Princess Poison is a fantastic dominatrix and a wonderful person!

Your Loyal Foot Slut, A.

"My session with Princess Poison was awesome. She is very professional and dedicated. She took the time to discover what I needed from the session in advance (and why) and gave me exactly what I needed. She pushed hard and was fully in sync with me throughout the session. She clearly thought about and prepared prior to our appointment and came with some killer heels to walk all over me. I still have some wonderful heel marks almost 2 weeks later from all the full weight trampling and bouncing on my body that I treasure each day. I'm confident that she will give anyone an unforgettable experience. I felt completely at ease with her and confident in her skill. She really wants to sub to get what he needs out of the session. She was also really into it and clearly enjoyed digging her pointy heels deep into me. I loved every minute of it and I know I'll be back again and again. She's also at total knockout! Absolutely beautiful from head to toe (literally, she has the most beautiful feet and toes!). Simply an amazing experience!!!"


"I'm in love!
I just got in the door from my first session with Princess Poison in Austin, Texas; She is easily the most beautiful and enchanting Mistress I have ever encountered and I am walking on air! I'm literally shaking. I'm excited. I think I'm completely under her spell...My head is swimming and I have no idea how I'm going to concentrate all week at work!
OR how I'm going sit down for that matter!
Let me start at the beginning:
I showed up at the designated time and was met at the door by Princess Poison, looking even lovelier in real life than in her pictures. I only caught glimpses initially. I was nervous and mostly kept my eyes on the floor, but I did see that she was in heels and was wearing a very sexy partially see-through latex outfit. I thought I'm might pass out then and there! I followed her into one of the coolest dungeons I've ever been in (apparently it used to be an old church) and my heart was beating hard in my chest in anticipation.
I got undressed when instructed and then kneeled before her.
She had me look up into her beautiful face. Her hair was very exotic and died a bright green that matched her eyebrows. I felt like I was at the mercy of some beautiful alien princess from outer space. She spat in my face and laughed at me. I could feel it slide down my cheeks and neck. She told me that I was a stupid pervert and had me hold my mouth open so she could spit into it. I swallowed her spit eagerly and yearned for more, relishing the feeling of her sacred spit drying on my face.
Then she had me crawl over to a piece of bondage furniture and get up on it before tying me securely in place. She told me I was in big trouble and I believe I felt genuine terror. She started beating me lightly with a paddle but worked her way up to brutality. I don't know what else to call it! There is something so overwhelmingly intoxicating in the juxtaposition of having a beautiful delicate girl completely at her mercy, beating the shit out of you and you unable to do anything about it!
When I thought she was done, I was so relieved, but it was short lived. She disappeared into what was presumably the kitchen only to return moments later, laughing, with an ice cube tray and some other odds and ends. If you haven't ever had an ice cube shoved up your ass... I was filled with panic at the unexpected sensation but she soothed me and at that moment I wanted nothing else from life than to make this beautiful woman happy, so I endured. She paddled me more, dripped candle wax over my ass and back, spat in my face and mouth, then switched to the cane, counting all the way down slowly from 20. I screamed and cried into the ball gag she had fastened into my mouth while she laughed and tormented and teased me.
She had completely broken my spirit.
She owned me.
She unbuckled me and I slid to the floor.
She told me I had been a good boy and taken my abuse in a manner that made her proud and I had earned my reward.
To be honest, I was scared! What if my reward was more ass beatings?
To my delight she hiked her lovely skirt up over her exquisite hips and straddled my face instead. I had died and gone to heaven!
She smelled amazing! Honestly, if I could purchase her scent I would buy it by the barrel and bathe in it, drown in it!!!
She told me again to open my mouth and she filled it with her delicious golden champagne, looking down at me and laughing as I choked, swallowing what I could, the rest spilling over and soaking my hair.
She stood up and pissed all over me, telling me that her sacred fluids were now inside me and there was no going back, that I belonged to her.
I have never felt so complete.
I cannot wait until I am at her feet again.
I live for the day when I am her collared, branded property should that day ever come.
I cannot recommend the magical magnificent Princess Poison highly enough!"
slave jason

"I had the absolute pleasure of sessioning during the month of October, and Her enjoyment of torment definitely fit the mood of the season. Prior to my session, I submitted a list of my limits and requests per Her instruction, and instantly I felt the anticipation building inside of me. 

On the day of my session, Princess was wearing a lovely red corset and a very disarming smile. She has a presence about Her which put me at ease but also affirmed Her control for the time we were together. 

Our play time was the hardest I've ever experienced. I had made it clear I needed a very harsh beating, and for those submissives who crave hard punishment with implements of all thuds and stings, Princess Poison is top of the line. She has a very unique assortment of toys that goes far beyond the typical paddle and crop, and She delights in using them. Her laughter filled the room as She beat me for the hour, while playfully mixing in humiliation and temperature play. Her pacing kept me unsure what was coming next, and I lost track of time the further She worked me into sub space. She loves playing with others kinks, putting Her own unique touch on them, making it memorable 

Once play was over, Princess provides excellent aftercare. While She is as ruthless as needed, She is also able to judge the type and amount of care one needs afterwards. 

I plan to book a session again with Princess Poison, and urge others in the Austin area to do so as well. Princess has a confidence that radiates as soon as You meet Her, and that translates to a unique, fun, and wonderful session"


"Princess Poison is #1 in my book!I've played with several other Domina's in Austin but no one else has delivered my desires to me in the way that Princess Poison did.I filled out the form on her site. I checked 6 different things that interested me. She provided all 6 to me and rocked my world in the process.I enjoy fantasy role age play including sensual domination and she played her role with an oscar worthy performance. I believed her and that made it all worthwhile for me. Some tease/denial, some body worship, some strap play and a nice warm gs to top it off. All this from a gorgeous girl who knows how to take charge in a sensual way. She's cool, smart and gorgeous. Absolutely #1."


"I had my first session with Princess Poison a few days ago, and it was amazing.  At the initial interview she was very friendly and made me feel comfortable with what we were going to be doing.  We talked about what I was and wasn't interested in.  I made a few requests for things I really wanted to try and what kind of session I wanted to have. 

Throughout my whole experience with her, she was very professional and safe, which are two things that are very important to me.  It was obvious to me from the beginning that she was incredibly smart and that she really enjoyed what she did. 

The session far exceeded my expectations.  It was in a clean and safe environment.  It was obvious that she had listened closely to the things I was interested in.  She did the things we had talked about and also added in lots of things I wasn't expecting.  We did several things I had not tried before that were super hot. 

I think most importantly though, she is incredibly intuitive.  I had asked her to push my limits and she did like no one else has before, but at the same time she was able to tell from my reactions (not me having to use the safe word) how far my limits were.  I will admit though that I did use the safe word once, but it was because I had told to go hard on my nipples, and that she did.  :)     

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about myself in the process.  I can't wait for my next session with her and would highly recommend her to beginners and the experienced!"


"Wow. Had my first (more to come) session with Princess Poison yesterday and it was Fantastic! She met me at the door of an old church that has been converted into a dungeon wearing a chain top that allows great glimpses of her nipples. She is a beautiful Goth girl who turned me on immensely. She had me strip in front of her, collared me and then inspected my ass with her fingers to determine what size strap on to use on me. She told me she was going to abuse my ass and boy did she, bending me over on the bench and having her way with me. She then had me lie down on a bench and began a delicious CBT session. She expertly massaged my prostate and fed me my "milk" that came out in great quantity. Princess then mounted my chest and brought herself to orgasm three times with her magic wand before gushing my face with her nectar as she ordered me to drink up. A stunning first session, I can't wait to see the Princess again....."


"Wow! I had an amazing experience with beautiful Princess Poison. I could go into lengthy detail of all the incredible humiliations and tortures she put me through - the great dungeon, the chains rendering me completely helpless, the needles through my parts, the stinging caning of my vulnerable ass, the wicked kicks and punches to by tender balls, the delicious spit, piss and solids she dropped in my mouth - but all I can do is highly recommend this awesome dominant woman.. Beautiful, cruel and caring all in one amazing package. Her scent will stay with me forever - just an ultimate Domme!"


"I'm writing this review for someone who is on the fence or unsure about whether princess poison is right for them. Either way the answer is you should see her. I'll admit I was very nervous going to her place which is literally a little church. Once I got inside she asked me to undress and then she blindfolded me. Which made me more nervous. She started to tie my ankles and wrists to this device so that I was completely spread out. She whipped and flogged me hard. To my limits. She let me out of the straps and she had me crawl on my knees to the next station where she had me service her cock with my mouth for the next few minutes. Once she was satisfied I went to lay down on another device where I was basically doggy style. She placed a ball gag ansd some clamps to my balls. Princess started exploring my ass gaping it wider and wider with a speculum. That opened me plenty wide for the cock that pounded me for the next few minutes. I was lucky enough at the end to receive her shower at the very end. There were a lot of things left out otherwise this would be a novel. But she did everything and better that I could of asked of. She was able to read me very well and adjust well. My advice would be to trust her in what she is doing- a true professional She will push you and you'll be surprised at what you're able to do. No need to see anyone else in Austin"


"As a person who identifies as genderqueer, I wasn't sure if I could find Domme services that would meet my needs. Princess went above and beyond my expectations. The scheduling process was incredibly easy, and I felt like She was not only easy to communicate with, but that she thoroughly captured my needs wants and limitations. She made me feel incredibly comfortable throughout the whole process and mitigated any nerves that I had. When I showed up at the dungeon, she continued to put me at ease. The session was everything I could have asked for and more -- She completely took control and knew when and how far to push my limits. I was excited to feel sore and bruised for days after. For anyone considering dipping their toes into the sub world, Princess is an amazing way to get introduced and I would highly recommend Her."


"She a wonderful dominatrix. I have had 2 sessions with her and she has made me feel very at ease with both of them even though i was very new to everything. I will see her again and i recommend anyone who has yet to see her to do so whether you are brand new or an older generation. She is loving and compassionate in what she does and it shows."


"Ive seen Mistress several times in the past and each time weve gone a little further. We had talked about Mistress using me as her whore before and this was the time.I was nervous when I came to her place. she ordered me to strip and bend over the table. she spanked me a bit to warm me up before she started using her toys to loosen me up.then she had me get on my knees fo the main event. she left and came back with an bull that she order me to service for her pleasure. she and him told me how to service him him.after i finished she ordered me to the floor to perform my tru function for her. she squatted over me and proceeded to fill my mouth with her nectar. she stopped and started,ordering me to swallow each time.weve talked about me serving as a toilet for her and her friends in the future.. All in all i highly recommend her"


"my whole life, i have been searching to find a very dominate Woman who would have the ability to take my kinks and turn them in to reality. Then several months ago i met the most beautiful erotic creative intelligent and very dominant Princess Poison, She requested me to submit my kink list and hard limits. i was nervous about meeting Her, as this is the first meeting with a professional to explore my kink. But She had the amazing ability to immediately put me at ease and i felt very comfortable talking with Her about my kink. i felt there was no judgment and, for the first time, that someone finally understood me. What a wonderful feeling! She always respected my limits. Then one day, She asked if I would be willing to push them further. I readily agreed. She has the ability to push my limits but She also has an uncanny ability to know when to stop. She continues to use Her cruel devious mind to physically and psychologically control me. Princess Poison is such an amazing Dominant. As i progressed, i began to trust Her more and more until i was willing to completely surrender to Her will and relinquish all control over my body and mind. I had already learned that my safety was important to Her. She always took the time to provide aftercare to make sure my subspace didn't just drop. Since surrendering, She has taken me to new heights, as i never could imagine, including verbal and physical degradation, drinking Her golden nectar, pegging, and slowly increasing intensity of pain through paddling, caning, cupping, needles, and electricity, to name a few. She introduced me to “forced bi” and I did it willingly. She intuitively knew it was part of what I needed, and besides, it gave Her such pleasure to watch. She has always been so intuitive in knowing what i needed and, as i said before, She enjoys pushing me past my limits. It's as if She has the ability to read my mind. Now, just being in Her presence excites me. Princess is so passionate about what She does. It's all so addicting. She has started me on a journey and She has truly transformed my life. I have never felt so alive. Thank You Princess . . ."


"I'm new so I was rather nervous about going to a domme- whether they would be a match with me, whether i'd get uncomfortable, things would feel shallow- who knows what! I think that's normal for some people. I had a good feeling about Princess because she seemed smart and passionate about her work. I felt at ease after only a short amount of interaction and the fear of a bad scene melted away. It was only moments of "wow I'm so glad I tried this" and "how does this feeling exist" after that!As for the scene- I kinda want to keep it private- it was a very memorable experience I'm very grateful for. I mean it was hot and depraved as hell and certain things she said (or things I was made to say) regularly popped into my head this week, but the connection also left me on an emotional high for some time. She also carefully guided me through exploring a previous hard limit (some scary toys I was curious about) which sorta disoriented me in pleasure :)She had me send an email of interests before the session, and it's very clear she read my scene hopes/fantasies carefully. I'd suggest you openly say your interests too; there were my ideas (I thought were hot), and then there's Her vision that brings your ideas life (some genius shake-my-head creativity). It's a good chance to initially connect- if you just list stuff or say I only want XYZ then you'll stll have an amazing time, but you're totally missing out on Her next level deviance and brilliance.If you're on the fence, absolutely give her a try. I have very much enjoyed a lot of bdsm stuff in my personal life, but this experience opened my eyes to so much more. If you set up a session and give Her the respect you would a professional throughout everything, you'll be lucky to experience a goddamn sex artist and lifegiver. I can't wait to see Her again soon!"



Most of these reviews were submitted to a website called Mistress Review that became inaccessible during the pandemic. I have reposted them here while the website is down, and new reviews sent to Me will be posted here as well. 

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