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The Science Behind Scent Fetishism

My scent is one of My most powerful tools. Clients and strangers alike find themselves drawn to Me, eager to get as close as possible. Every time I go out dancing, I end up with someone's face in My armpit before the night is over... Uber drivers have even commented on the intoxicating nature of My body odor. A lot more people than you'd think are into scent. The popular explanation for this is pheromones, which you probably have some understanding of. Just in case: Pheromones are chemicals secreted by organisms that affect the behavior of other organisms in the same species. There are a variety of types of pheromones and I find them all fascinating, but the ones often referenced in regard to scent and attraction are sex pheromones.

Scientists have yet to find proof that human sex pheromones exist (although they have found them in many other species). Research continues because it's more likely than not that human sex pheromones do exist, and just haven't been identified. However, there is a well documented scientific explanation of the role scent plays in our attraction.

Every individual (fish, bird, and mammal actually) has genetic coding that makes up their MHC - major histocompatibility complex. These are a set of immunology genes that, among other things, affect the way we smell and play a big role in attraction. It has been proven that we prefer mates with MHCs that are different than our own, for the purpose of producing offspring with stronger immune systems. The MHC of a person determines whether we will be aroused by their body odor (which includes the scent of their piss, interestingly enough).

Fertility is also a factor in whether we find someone's body odor arousing. People who ovulate experience changes in their body odor during ovulation to signal to mates that we are fertile. I personally track My ovulation and notice the shift in My own scent. I would love to have a true scent fetishist request a session specifically during ovulation when I'm at My most powerful.

My scent is particularly strong, and I don't make use of deodorant or perfume (very often). Why mess with perfection and mask the beacon My body emits to lure My prey? Obviously My scent will not be for everyone, but I've only met a few who didn't appreciate it. Perhaps it's My rare genetic makeup as a redhead that has people begging for another inhale. I'm certain this has some of you feeling curious about My scent and I encourage you to submit yourself as a candidate for My personal research in the form of a session. I'll give you fair warning: I may have to restrain you to achieve accurate results.


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