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Service Submission

What is a service sub?

There seems to be some confusion about this, especially among those seeking the position. A service sub is a submissive who takes pleasure in providing services/doing tasks for their Dominant. These tasks vary wildly from one Domme to another- since We are all unique human beings with different needs- but typically they are of a non-sexual nature and are centered around making the Domme's life easier. Some common examples would be running errands, cleaning, chauffeuring, laundry, meal preparation, etc.

What does the service sub get in return?

Every healthy D/s relationship is built upon mutual satisfaction. Service arrangements are no different! A true service sub feels happiness when they can be of use to their Domme. They enjoy knowing they are contributing to their Domme's happiness and comfort. They are pleased to simply be in their Dominant's presence and have a place in their day to day life.

Unfortunately many subs seek service positions in the hopes that it will get them free play or perhaps a romantic/sexual relationship, and ultimately end up disappointed and resentful that this is not the case. This is not to say that there is absolutely no play for service subs. Most Dommes do indulge their service sub's other kinks from time to time, but if the motivation for being of service is ultimately selfish the relationship won't last. Most Dommes are fairly adept at spotting this from the start.

What makes a good service sub?

• Self-motivation- Your Domme will quickly grow exhausted if you have to be watched like a hawk to maintain productivity.

• Flexibility- Maybe you've been doing a task a particular way for 30 years, but your Domme wants it done a different way. The ability to accommodate Her preferences is crucial.

• Honesty- This one shouldn't need any explanation.

• Willingness to accept criticism- Some people become rather deflated when corrected or given feedback. Dommes are very busy people and need you to handle your own emotions while striving to do better.

• Having a variety of useful skills- The more types of service you can provide, the more attractive you'll be as a potential service sub.

• Understanding of & respect for boundaries- This is something everyone should strive for, but it's especially important when you are so intimately involved in the minutia of your Domme's life.

How do I select My service subs?

As an introvert, I'm very selective with who I share My time with. I do not have a revolving door of submissives serving Me at all times. Often it is easier to simply do things Myself than it is to train and guide a service sub who is an ill fit.

If you are a man, there's only one way to become My service sub- book sessions. Many of them. You must consistently show your ability to be obedient, thoughtful, safe, and compatible with My personality and politics. You must not beg or plead for opportunities to serve. If and when I feel comfortable extending a service position to you, I will let you know... and if I do, you will continue to pay for your sessions.

If you aren't a man, you may contact Me via to request an application.


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