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Self-Sabotage in Sessions

Why Trying to Control Every Detail of Your Fantasy Fulfillment Is Not in Your Best Interest

When you book a session with a Dominatrix, you have the opportunity to live out your submissive fantasies... fantasies some of you have had for decades. Perhaps you have very specific scenarios that you think of repeatedly, and with time the urgency to experience them grows to the point that it can no longer be ignored. You seek out a Dominatrix and attempt to recreate your fantasy exactly.

The thing about masturbatory fantasies is that they are a SOLO experience. In your head, everyone does exactly what you want them to and it's all about you. When you add another real, live person to the mix you can't expect to control every aspect of the scenario. But beyond that you also have an opportunity to experience things that you never could in your fantasies- the things the other party brings to the table.

If you seek to control every detail of the session so it perfectly mirrors your fantasy, you'll miss out on a chance to learn things about yourself. Different people can help us learn different things about our fantasies. To understand how, consider personal relationships- each party brings their own fantasies and desires to the table. If they aren't perfectly matched (which is rarely the case), you've likely found yourself considering and trying new things to please your partner. Sometimes this experimentation reveals a fetish you didn't know you had. Adding another person to the mix can change a lot about what we find arousing. This is also the reason I encourage submissives to session with multiple Dommes.

For this reason, I do not take requests for highly scripted sessions. I'm a highly creative and intuitive Dominatrix and in addition to pursuing My own pleasure in sessions, I find it deeply rewarding to help My submissives push themselves outside their comfort zone and experience new things.


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