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More, More, More! - What I Want in 2021

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

One of the things I love the most about BDSM & kink is how endless the possibilities are. There's always more room for growth and new experiences because one person can't realistically have conquered it all. As time goes by, I discover and fixate on new kinks and add them to My arsenal. I'm going to describe some themes that currently occupy a lot of space in My brain, with the hope that submissives who are seeking these experiences find Me. There's nothing better than mutually enjoying a shared kink.

Needles, Staples, & Sutures

I have a long-term love affair with pierced flesh, blood, and your willingness to suffer for Me. For over a decade I've been sticking sharp things in people, and I can never get enough. This year I want more heavy pain sluts (or twisted devotees willing to push through the pain) for this particular type of medical experimentation. Let's see how deeply I can get under your skin.

Nylon Fetish Domination

I've always been a very tactile and sensual person with a love for luxury pantyhose and stockings. Lately I've been enjoying taking My fascination with nylon even further with pantyhose sex, nylon encasement/bondage, teasing through layers of nylon and nothing else. Imagine squirming underneath Me, tightly hugged by a silky sheer nylon catsuit with a cock sheath... feeling My nylon-clad body slithering against yours as I tease and taunt you with My verbal domination skills. On the more sadistic end of the spectrum, imagine looking up at Me through a thin nylon sleepsack, bound tightly against your body with leather straps, while I use clamps and electro on your cock and balls. The sensation of nylon on the skin can amplify the intensity of almost any FemDom scenario.

Satin Fetish Domination

Silky, smooth, luxurious satin is another of My tactile obsessions. I already frequently dress My sissies in satin as it tends to have a powerful effect on the levels of sluttiness they are able to achieve in their minds. But satin is not only for feminization- satin bondage with sleepsacks, armbinders, etc can add a luxurious and sensual component to immobilization. It also has the added benefit of being irresistibly arousing to Me- so if you crave My touch, a satin-heavy session will almost certainly result in an increase in contact.


Heavy ballbusting subs are few and far between, for reasons that are easy to imagine. In addition to the intense physical aspect of this activity, I revel in the symbolism of a man offering up his most carefully guarded body part for Me to destroy- that's top tier power exchange! As a sadist I get immense joy from a sub's grunting, hyperventilating, and tendency to drop to the floor upon a swift kick to the balls from My perfect feet. Adding bondage to limit the sub's ability to instinctively protect this precious (& honestly embarrassingly delicate) part of their body only increases My enjoyment. Are you man enough?

Pussy Torture

CBT gets plenty of airtime since cis men make up the majority of My client base, but I have a burning desire for vulvar torture that I hope to fulfill this year. Clamps, electro, saline inflation, impact, wax, and countless other methods swirl through My brain just waiting for the right sub to bring them to fruition. Whether you were born with your pussy or paid good money to have one created makes no difference. Let Me show you the extremes of sensation you can experience in the realms of both pain and pleasure.

What kinks are you going to explore this year? Reach out and book a session to get started!


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