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Shiny Rubber Dreams // Latex Domination

Latex has long been a fascination of Mine, and I frequently adorn Myself with it for sessions. Beyond just donning a shiny rubber lingerie set though, My fantasies are full of latex-clad explorations and transformations. As wonderful as it feels to have My skin encased in rubber, it's even more erotic and mind-altering when both parties are latex clad and slippery. Due to it's tight, second-skin nature, latex has a unique ability to shift our mindsets when we put it on. It alters how we feel sensation, how we perceive our bodies, and even how we interact with others. Depending on the outfit it can make us feel more vulnerable or even make us feel more protected, like a shield of sorts. When we feel transformed like this, we sometimes feel safe exploring things we wouldn't in our everyday clothing and can push past our comfort zones. In this way, latex is very conducive to My overall approach to BDSM. Facilitating and guiding expansion and growth beyond what you previously thought you were capable of, coupled with experiencing the same for Myself, is My life's work and My biggest kink! I strongly encourage My pets to obtain their own latex clothing and to invest in latex bondage gear to bring our time together to new heights of ecstasy and new depths of submission. The unfortunate thing about rubber is that it really must be custom-sized to the person slipping into it, so it's not quite feasible for Me to have say, a latex bodybag that would fit multiple clients. However, I am more than happy to make recommendations for places you can obtain these items at varying price points according to your gear budget. The piece of rubber most latex newbies lust after most commonly is a rubber catsuit. While these are absolutely wonderful (and sexy as hell), I personally think My client's money is more well spent on things like armbinders, sleepsacks, harnesses, underwear, and bizarre-style latex hoods first. My reasoning for this is that latex is incredibly delicate and donning a full catsuit can easily interfere with a multitude of session activities. That same delicate nature makes dressing and undressing a slow, difficult task which isn't reasonable to do multiple times during a session. A sleepsack, for example, is much easier- when it's time to move on to another activity you simply unzip and climb out! Catsuits definitely have their appeal, just not as a first purchase!

Bizarre latex holds a particular appeal to Me due to it's transformative nature. For those who are unfamiliar, latex gear that falls under the bizarre category typically includes inflatable parts that distort or accentuate body parts, clothing with insertable toys attached, thick rubber with excessive buckles and restraints, and equipment with hoses, pumps, and goggles that looks straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. This is what really gets My blood pumping as someone who almost fetishizes the strange and unusual. I would love to explore these things further with someone who has the interest and the means to collaborate with Me on creating elaborate, otherworldly rubber scenes. If you're a current client and would like some guidance on purchasing latex or delving into rubber play, feel free to reach out! If we've yet to meet and you've been searching for someone with the same level of enthusiasm about latex, fill out a session request and let's discuss making our rubber dreams come true.


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