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Long-Term Goals in Submission

It's probably fair to say that most people don't have a long-term goal when they see a Dominatrix. They're curious, or trying to meet a need that has been overlooked or ignored for too long... or they're just plain horny and power exchange is what does it for them. These are all valid reasons to seek out a Domme, With that being said, I believe sometimes submissives can cheat themselves out of more meaningful experiences by not taking full advantage of what a Dominatrix can offer them. Sharing BDSM with another person is a trust-building, bond-creating adventure, and with a professional Domme, it is clearly defined and contained within the boundaries of a professional relationship. I don't think those boundaries are limiting- in fact, I think they can be incredibly freeing.

Within the boundaries of that professional relationship, you can feel secure and accepted while exploring the depths of what you're capable of. While limits should always be respected, with time you may realize some of your limits were based on a previous understanding of yourself. You will find yourself craving more intensity, more connection, deeper trust... but you may not know how to get to that level with your Domme.

When you show devotion and commitment to your Domme, they will take you seriously and put more energy into the dynamic between the two of you. When My subs see Me on a regular basis, respect My boundaries, and are obedient and thoughtful, I know they are less likely to disappear and I feel inspired to develop long-term goals for us. You must show willingness and commitment in order to receive what you desire. This may all sound appealing to you, but you aren't sure what a long-term goal with a Dominatrix could look like. Each dynamic is different, but possibilities include extended chastity, service opportunities, ownership, surveillance, body modification, being loaned out to other Dommes and more. If you are a lighter player, maybe your long-term goal is something simpler, like increasing your pain tolerance or working up to a forced bi experience. As a Dominatrix, I pride Myself in My ability to sense what My subs truly desire. I'm not a mind-reader, but I can often intuit your deeper unrealized needs based on the ones you do express. As mentioned before, you need to show devotion and commitment in order for Me to feel inspired to guide you along that path, but there is nothing more rewarding.

This week I am taking My sissy to the piercing studio to get piercings of My choosing. She has been seeing Me for close to a year on a regular basis, always brings Me a token of appreciation to each session, communicates her fantasies and interests to Me as suggestions and not demands, and puts great trust in Me to decide when she is ready for more. She makes Me feel appreciated, respected, and obeyed and that inspires Me to make larger scale plans for the dynamic between the two of us. Many people will say that she is lucky- but the reality is that she has earned this. In return, she gets to experience the splendor of My ever-extending control. If you've been seeing a Dominatrix for a while and doing the same thing over and over, consider your approach and whether you want a journey rather than staying at the same level of intensity. Give your Domme what they need to feel inspired, and you will benefit greatly from their expertise.


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