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Demo Submissive Opportunities!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

I'm seeking demo submissives for My Dominatrix Training Program. Only clients who have sessioned with Me previously are eligible, with one exception- if you are not a cis man, that requirement is waived.

Please read this in its entirety before reaching out-

-This is not a free session. The dynamics are entirely different and are not focused on your desires. It's a more casual vibe, where I am coaching and teaching a trainee Domme while we both perform the activity on you. -Total respect & obedience required. Safe words obviously used & honored, I just mean there's no room for topping from the bottom or brattiness in these trainings. You are expected to mostly be quiet and follow My lead. -Those who are a good fit for this see it as an act of service, not a horny chance to fulfill a fantasy. You will be disappointed if you approach this expecting it to be about you and your desires. -Most of the opportunities are for more advanced play topics- there is no lack of men looking to be pegged and spanked LOL, so please don't reach out if you are only comfortable with light kink. -Must be available weekday evenings, usually around 9pm-11pm. -Must be sober during play. -No restrictions on gender or sexuality, although certain topics may require certain body parts. If I have to ask about your body for this purpose, please know it's a logistical question only.

Some opportunities are current, while for others I'm looking to line up potential subs for future needs.

Some of the topics include:

-Sounding -Medical Play -Heavy Impact Play -Nipple and Breast Torture -CBT -Trampling -Feminization -Electroplay -Protocol -Heavy Humiliation, Degradation, & Objectification -Heavy Bondage

To be considered, fill out the form here.


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