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Couples Sessions & Cuckolding

I love creating space for couples to explore their desires together- it can be a bond-strengthening experience for those involved and helping to facilitate that is incredibly rewarding!

There's a wide variety of different ways that couples can indulge in My offerings. For those who perhaps are still figuring out what they want and what each person's role is, they may find all the possibility a bit daunting. I'm going to describe a handful of different common scenarios that I often encounter in couple's sessions. Domination Guidance

When one partner is more submissive and the other lacks experience, I can help guide the other partner towards embracing their dominance. I coach and reassure them while they become more and more comfortable taking charge and/or inflicting pain. Specific techniques are demonstrated by Me with a chance for them to try each one in a hands-on way and see if it appeals to them. I treat the dominant partner as My equal in the session and give them room to blossom and determine their personal dominant approach. Double Submission

If both partners lean more towards a submissive nature, I dominate them both at the same time. I often direct them to perform acts of intimacy with each other while under My control, and if bondage is an interest I include bondage that features the partners restrained to one another. Switchy Sessions

When one or both partners enjoy both domination and submission, I combine the two previous approaches. I alternate dominating both parties and coaching how to dominate. Both partners are under My control in this scenario, but whichever one (or both) has interest in domination gets an opportunity to perform acts of dominance on the other with My instruction. Double Domination

If one partner is an experienced Dominant, the session can be planned so that we work together to dominate the submissive partner. This type of session requires more planning and I will only do this with people I believe to be safe and knowledgeable Dominants who respect Me as an equal. Cuckolding

With My cuckolding sessions for a single person, I bring in My own Bull. When couples seek cuckolding, I can still bring in a Bull and direct the cuckolding. However, My preferred way to explore this is being the Bull Myself. The cuckold watches as I please their partner and is teased and dominated by both of us. My skill and ability in these scenarios is unmatched and although it is a non-traditional take on cuckolding, I firmly believe it to be a superior one. It's 2020, y'all.

These are just a few possibilities, and each couples session is tailored to both parties interests and comfort level. I speak directly with both partners during the session planning process to ensure everyone is on the same page and limits are respected. I will not engage in sessions where one party is being pressured or "surprised". If both you and your partner are looking for an intimate experience to deepen your connection and are open-minded, a Professional BDSM session may be just what you need!


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