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Instantly Text or Video Call Me!

I've offered virtual sessions since the pandemic began, but they require advanced planning just like My in-person sessions do. Let's be real- some of you are just not that patient! You want to connect with Me when the mood strikes... maybe it's late at night and you can't sleep? Or you have a fantasy taking up space in your brain that you desperately need to share with Me? Whatever the reason for the sense of urgency, now there's a way for you to talk with Me about anything, instantly!

TEXTPOISON.COM takes you straight to My profile on Sextpanther. Browse through the dozens of free photos and videos I've shared on My profile (be sure to like the ones you enjoy, if you want to be a helpful sub), and add Me as a contact. When you're ready to find out why I'm consistently in the top 100 fetish models on SP, reach out!


You can text Me on SextPanther anytime and I'll respond to your text within 24 hours, but often much faster than that! Texts come straight to My phone, so unless I'm in a session or sleeping or out dancing at a rave, I'll typically respond to texts within minutes. Texting isn't just for typing words - we can also exchange photos, videos, and audio messages. You'll never be the same once you hear My voice, if you haven't had the pleasure before. Add Me as a contact on SP and I'll send you a FREE voice message.

Maybe the idea of texting with a Dominatrix is exciting for you... but you aren't sure what sort of conversation is appropriate or where to start. Introducing yourself and saying hello is a good start, but if you want to have a really fun conversation, try giving Me more information. Remember that Dommes are not mind readers! Here are some prompts to help you figure out what to say to make the most of your contact with Me:

-I'm a huge admirer of yours. I really love [whatever you admire about Me]

-I have a kink/fetish for __________ and I'd love to talk about it.

-I'm a desperate slut for your [legs, feet, ass, etc] and was wondering if you had any more photos I could see?

-Can I hear your thoughts on _________?

-I have a secret, taboo kink that no one knows about.

-I want to be trained to be your sissy slut, Princess.

-Please tease/humiliate/torture me

-Please give me tasks to complete. Here are some of my kinks: ____________

-I've had a session with you before and would like to stay in touch. How are you, Princess?

-I want to book a session with you but I'd like to get to know you first.

-I want to book a session with you, but I'd like to know more about the process.

-I feel ashamed about My kink/fetish/fantasy, and I'd like to talk about it.

-I love being used sexually by Dominant women. How would you use me?

-What turns you on the most, Princess?

-What are your biggest fantasies?

-I'm a cuckold and I'd like to hear stories about your sexual escapades.

I also have picture and video bundles available to sell. Just ask Me if I have a bundle that's relevant to your interests!


While it's disrespectful and inappropriate in most other avenues of contact, Sextpanther is one place where it's OKAY to talk to Me about being horny or aroused, and to seek out conversation based around that. It's a sexting site, after all! I use Sextpanther for a variety of types of contact, but it is My favorite virtual outlet for some of My more erotic FemDom urges. Which leads us to My other offering on Sextpanther...


If you catch Me online late at night, you'll see the option to instantly video call Me. I'm on Sextpanther with video calls turned on most nights after around 10pm until the early morning hours. Most of the previous prompts can also apply to video calls, but there are some unique opportunities that are exclusive to video calls on Sextpanther.

FemDom Mutual Masturbation

Yes, you read that correctly. I tease you while touching My perfect body, and I get more and more turned on when I see how desperate and weak you are for Me. This can be structured like a JOI session, or it could be a storytelling session where I'm telling you about a fantasy I have or an explosive sexual experience I've had. Or maybe you want to tell Me how you'd worship My body while we both pleasure ourselves? There are endless possibilities, as long as you respect and maintain the power dynamic- I am not a vanilla camgirl.

Exhibitionism/JOI - Jerk Off Instruction

Your mind is weak and your cock is hard. You need My firm hand and devastating presence to guide you to an explosive finish. I don't do these with blank screens, so you'll be exposed on cam while you stroke for Me and I give you encouragement or abuse.

Brutally Honest Dick Ratings

Show Me your cock on cam and I'll give you My brutally honest opinion on it. Be prepared to be critiqued, and you should know ahead of time that I'm a notorious size queen. I'm not going to stroke your ego, so proceed with caution!

CEI - Cum Eating Instruction

I love making sluts eat their own cum. Even better, maybe we can get you into position to give yourself a facial. 😈


You sit on cam (probably jerking off) while I ignore you. Maybe I'm using My vibrator, or eating something, or just using My phone. For these video sessions, text Me first letting Me know you want an ignore session so I don't waste any of our cam time paying attention to you.

This is not an exhaustive list of what can be done on video calls, just a handful of examples. Give Me a call and let's talk and/or play.


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