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Bespoke Feminization Experiences

This is feminization for the discerning client.

Some sissies, crossdressers, and forced feminization enthusiasts are happy with a few pieces of ill-fitting lingerie in their feminization sessions- for them it's more about the mindset or how they feel than how they look. No judgement- I enjoy those sessions as well. But for you, it's about a complete transformation. You want to look sexy, or perhaps pretty, in a way that is flattering to your features.

I offer Bespoke Feminization Experiences to facilitate these transformations. After being provided with a photo of you, I'll determine what style would suit you best. I'll then curate a look (or a few) based on your measurements, coloring, and personality. Each person inspires Me differently, so your transformation will be unique to you. I'll choose outfits, wigs, heels - everything needed to fulfill My vision of your transformation.

It goes beyond just clothing- no transformation is complete without the hand of a skilled makeup artist. I'll bring in My gorgeous friend who is particularly adept at feminizing features typically considered masculine. You'll be soft and glowing when She's done with you. Worried that you're too hairy to pull off a complete transformation? My tall, buxom aesthetician friend will expertly wax every inch necessary - with either a gentle hand or a bit of cruelty.

Once you've been recreated to My liking, the play begins.

The tribute for these experiences varies, depending on your tastes and budget, and they are not within everyone's reach. In addition to My usual session tribute, you'll be responsible for the cost of the clothing & accessories I purchase for you, and if desired, for the makeup artist and/or aesthetician's time. A larger deposit is required when booking, to account for the dedicated attention you'll receive from Me leading up to the session, as I decide how best to style you. The results are dramatic and fulfilling- you'll see yourself as you never have before.

To request a Bespoke Feminization Experience, submit a Session Request Form and indicate in the notes at the bottom that you're seeking this type of experience. Then wait patiently for My reply and be sure to check your email's spam folder daily.


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