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Site Updates: New Photos, New Tributes, & A Holiday Treat

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

My website has a fresh new look, thanks to stunning photos from the talented Victor Von Goethe. Photos aren't the only update though!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I've had a tribute policy in place which doubled all My base tribute amounts. This was to account for additional risk, increased demand due to less Dommes offering sessions, and the need to space out My sessions to reduce the chances of spreading COVID were I to contract it. This policy was based on the unfortunately false belief that the pandemic would be a short-term problem. We are mere days away from a vaccine being available in the United States, however the pandemic spread has reached such extreme heights that even with the vaccine we are facing a long hard road out of this mess. With this understanding, I have permanently changed My tributes. You will be pleased to see that they are no longer doubled, however they are increased from their previous amounts for all of the still very valid reasons I mentioned above. This year has required all of us to evolve and adapt constantly, and none of our lives look anything like they did pre-pandemic. This shift in My tributes will undoubtedly put Me out of reach for some pets, but it is the best way for Me to continue doing what I love and keep Myself and those I see safe while doing it! Lastly, if you've read this far I have a special holiday treat for you. If you mention this blog in your session request form, I'll honor My old tribute of 500/hr - for Erotic Domination sessions only -for the remainder of 2020. Come see what happens when you give your body over to Me completely, to use for My sexual pleasure.


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