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Spooky October Special!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Halloween is My favorite holiday, and something I look forward to starting every November! This year the holiday is unfortunately going to be a let down due to the pandemic interfering with My usual month-long celebration. To lift My spirits, I'm offering a spooky special for the rest of the month.

Book a 5+ hour session or overnight for any time this month, and I will waive My doubled pandemic tribute policy. My standard tributes (listed on the pertinent session pages of My site) will apply instead.

There is a catch! You must be willing to submit to whatever spooky Halloween-themed activities I desire. I will, of course, respect your limits but other than that you will be subject to My creative whims. If you follow Me on Twitter, you have likely seen My Christmas themed sessions before- expect something similar but spookier.

What might this look like? Here are some vague hints:




-Succubus roleplay

-Ghost bondage

-Spooky music

-CBT with themed devices

-Needles in spooky patterns

-Halloween sploshing

-Spooky Sissification

-Jump scares

I'm not going to give away too much of My inspiration, but if you love Halloween (or just love Me and don't care too much what happens as long as you're in My presence) you're guaranteed to have a hauntingly good time!

Just fill out My Session Request Form and make a note that you're interested in the Spooky Special.

Happy Halloween Month!


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