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Spend Valentine's Day with Me

Valentine's Day is a holiday with Pagan and Catholic roots that was capitalized upon by Hallmark to sell cards. Most of us know that and many of us despise the holiday for that reason.

I reject the commercial aspects of the day but still love the tacky and extravagant nature of it. As a Domme with a huge worship kink, I enjoy being spoiled and pampered with devotion. I don't believe it should be limited to one day of the year, but I love having an excuse to demand more of it.

This year, I'm subverting the holiday with one lucky submissive... I'm offering a special overnight session on February 14th.

No need to scramble to find a date for the evening, buy flowers and a special outfit, and go to a pretentious crowded restaurant for an overpriced meal... after which you may or may not end up sexually satisfied. You could spend the night in the dungeon with Me, serving My every whim and suffering to please Me. Fourteen hours in My presence.

Holidays bring out My playful nature, so for this one I have some creatively sadistic surprises planned. Expect My methods of torture to include heart shapes and lots of red... as well as some sensual treats. I am a romantic at heart.

For dinner, a sadistic candlelight meal of course.

After I've completely exhausted you for My own amusement, you'll sleep in the padded cage while I retire in a plush bed across the room... keeping a watchful eye on you.

Tributes are as follows, and are all-inclusive. No separate dungeon rental fee.

All Mine - 2500 : Just you and Me

Guest Dommes - 3000 : A few other Dommes will make guest appearances to torment you

Cuckolding - 4000 : Serve Me and My Bull for the night and witness true pleasure

To book Valentine's Day with Me, fill out My Session Request Form and be prepared to send a 50% deposit.


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