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Saying Goodbye to AVNStars & Moving Towards Cryptocurrency

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

For the past year and a half, My devoted followers have been enjoying hundreds of photos and videos from My sessions on the subscription site AVNStars. Unfortunately, due to mounting pressure & regulations on adult content creators by credit card processors, AVNStars has decided to cease their subscription services starting on January 1st, 2022. I'll be leaving all My content up until then, so if you'd like to see the impressive collection of 350+ photos & videos I've shared with My subscribers, you can still subscribe for the remainder of the month for $9.99! I've made several of My full-length clips available for free for My AVN subscribers too.

You can still follow Me on My OnlyFans, however they do not allow content that features other people unless the other people also have OnlyFans accounts. I am unable to post any of My session content there because of these rules.

I will be seeking out a replacement subscription site for AVNStars, and hope to make the switch to one that uses bitcoin or other cryptocurrency instead of credit/debit. This will ensure that I can put My focus on creating and accumulating content for My followers instead of having to adapt to a new site every year as banking regulations make things more and more difficult. If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency and you enjoy adult content, I strongly encourage you to learn the basics of using bitcoin to purchase and subscribe to things online! It's much simpler than it seems.

If you're unsure how to get started and find the whole concept confusing, think about it sort of like buying a gift card. You trade your dollars for cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) sort of how you would purchase a gift card, and then you use the cryptocurrency like a gift card to buy content or pay for subscriptions. Unlike a gift card, the value of the cryptocurrency you purchase will fluctuate, but this won't affect you if you only purchase it when you intend to immediately use it to buy something.

More and more of us in the adult industry will be making the switch to cryptocurrency as time goes on. Pornhub and Playboy have already done it! To get started, you'll need to download a Cryptocurrency wallet app, like Spot, and link your bank account. Once that's done, you can purchase a small amount of Bitcoin (even just a few dollars) to see how it all works. When you're ready to purchase something with the cryptocurrency you've acquired, the site you're buying from will give you an "address" to send the payment to. It's fairly straight forward, but the process of setting up a wallet and linking your bank account can take some time. You'll want to do it ahead of time, and not in the moment when you're trying to make a purchase!

As enjoyers of the adult industry, it's important for y'all to adapt and evolve along with us. A few moments taken to learn the basics of a new thing will ensure that you can continue enjoying your indulgences for years to come. Stay tuned for news about where to find My content next!

1 comment

1 Comment

Matthew R
Matthew R
Dec 08, 2021

Hello Mistress, thank You for this update. It's sad how these banking systems are making life more difficult. Thank You for the information about cryptocurrency, I'll definitely check it out! I'm excited to see what You will come up with next. Thank You again! 💚

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