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Birthday Month & Las Vegas Visit

As we near the start of May, some of My loyal submissives have been asking how they can properly show their devotion during My birthday month. In typical Taurean fashion, luxurious gifts and monetary tributes are the way to My heart- and the best way to make yourself stand out above the rest.

When I think back over the years I've been a Professional Dominatrix, the subs I remember either booked sessions with Me consistently over a long period of time, or they gifted Me something I loved dearly. One in particular stands out as a perfect example- an online sub whom I never met in person who gifted Me a pair of studded leather boots. To this day I think of that sub every time I pull those boots on, and we lost contact many years ago.

For those whose submission is more selfless, and whom don't seek out recognition from their Mistress in such a way, a birthday gift or tribute is a thoughtful way of showing appreciation for the impact your Domme has had on your life. With FinDom such a hot topic these past few years, many have developed the attitude that showing appreciation in such a way counts as Financial Domination and therefore they shy away from it. This perspective obviously lacks quite a bit of nuance, as gift-giving is a well-established way to show affection & appreciation in our culture.

I recently created a WishTender wishlist, which gives My pets the option to send Me either gifts or monetary tributes without any cut taken by the platform. You may peruse My WishTender by clicking here. If you want to gift Me something truly special, reach out & provide a price range and I will direct you to something from My *private* wishlist.

To celebrate My birthday, I have a brief visit to Las Vegas planned for the middle of the month, and will be busy having fun with My bestie for the majority of the time I'm there. I will have just a small amount of free time on May 14th for select Las Vegas submissives who have been waiting for the opportunity to be in My presence. I will not be holding any sessions, but I am open to some public meets on the Strip.

I am seeking one submissive to fulfill a long-held fantasy of Mine- public ball-busting on the Strip! The perfect candidate for this understands that our interaction will be brief, swift, and that generosity is expected for being granted the privilege of fulfilling My fantasy in a public space. A deposit will be required for obvious reasons. If this sounds like you, submit a session request indicating that you are seeking public play in Las Vegas and then be sure to check your spam folder in the following days. If you're prompt with your request and seem like a good fit, you may get lucky.

I'm also open to service submissives (no play involved) while I'm in Las Vegas, to run food and cannabis related errands for Me. If you are a cis man, a reference from another Domme (Professional or Lifestyle) will be required, and you will be expected to cover the cost of the items I send you to fetch. A small price to pay for contributing to My pleasure. Applicants must be dependable and detail-oriented, and must have transportation. You may email Me at to apply. Include any references, your availability the weekend of May 14th, and some information about yourself as a service sub when you contact Me.


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