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ACL Music Festival & Formula 1 Grand Prix

Austin, Texas in October is an irresistible destination for music and racing enthusiasts alike, drawing crowds from around the world for the ACL Music Festival and the Formula 1 Grand Prix. ACL Music Festival offers a sonic haven for those seeking a vibrant live music scene and iconic festivals, featuring performances by top artists. Later in the month, the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas brings the thrill of high-speed racing to the Lone Star State. The city's warm autumn weather adds to the allure, creating the perfect backdrop for these unforgettable events. On average, over 450,000 people flock to Austin each October to partake in these music and motorsport events.

While Austin undoubtedly offers visitors a diverse range of activities and experiences during the ACL Music Festival and Formula 1 Grand Prix, some of you have unique preferences and interests. Austin is known for its openness and inclusivity, allowing individuals to explore their desires and interests in a welcoming environment. It's the perfect opportunity to seek out an experience with a Dominatrix - which may be something you don't have access to in your hometown. With that in mind, I'm going to share some tips for how to make sure your experience seeking out a Dominatrix is successful during your visit to Austin.

Book Ahead

Remember that number from above? 450,000 people visit every October for these two events combined. If you want to enjoy a session with Me, you'll need to book ahead of time. Sending a request the day you want a session will be a fool's errand. I don't offer same day sessions any time of the year, but even if I did I wouldn't have any available during these events because other good boys booked ahead of time! At the time of this blog posting, I currently have limited availability for the 2nd weekend of ACL Music Festival and limited availability for the weekend of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. I do not have any availability for the first weekend of ACL Music Festival. If you struggle with planning, put an event in your calendar for September 2024 (or earlier! I love pre-booking months in advance) reminding you to reach out for a session.

Consider Transportation

Sneaking away from the Festival or Racetrack to see Me? How are you planning to get to My dungeon from Zilker Park or Circuit of the Americas? If you're expecting to take an Uber, Lyft, Taxi (good luck, this isn't NYC!), or other rideshare, consider that you'll be one of 450,000 other people doing that and you may end up waiting hours for a ride to be available from the event grounds. Scheduling your ride ahead of time via the Uber app may help some, but expect major delays regardless. Don't expect to take the bus- the bus system is Austin is notorious for being inefficient and a logistical nightmare compared to most other comparable cities.

Consider Traffic

On top of painfully long wait times for rideshares, you can expect traffic (anywhere in the city, but especially around these events) to move very, very slowly. Austin's infrastructure hasn't kept up with it's increased growth and our lazy little city roads just aren't set up to handle the influx of (again) 450,000 people every October. I wish this weren't the case, but please set aside additional travel time for traffic. If you plan to leave Zilker Park during the festival, you can expect to sit in a standstill for over an hour... and that's a generous estimate. The dungeon is only 15 minutes from Zilker and Circuit of the Americas on a regular evening. Don't let this fool you.

Know Your Limits

You're having a great time and partying with your friends (or solo), and it's maybe hotter outside than you expected it to be in October. You can very quickly and easily get drunk and exhausted to the point that you either 1. forget about your session with Me or 2. show up too inebriated and are asked to leave. This would be such a bummer during your exciting weekend visit to Austin, so please don't sabotage yourself like this. The day you are booked to see Me, you should be well-hydrated and mostly (if not entirely) sober. Think about it this way- if you were driving and you got pulled over, would you go to jail for being over the limit? If the answer to that is yes, then you're probably also too drunk to see Me. Sessions with a Dominatrix are a ton of fun, but they do require a certain headspace that alcohol and party drugs don't mesh with. DO NOT COME SEE ME ALL COKED UP, YES I WILL BE ABLE TO TELL. Seriously, submitting requires setting aside your ego and coke makes this impossible. It also just makes you obnoxious!

Be Respectful

I'm happy to be a part of your fun and celebrations during your visit to this warm and hedonistic city! Keep in mind that I do not exist to entertain you on demand, and I'm not something you can just throw money at to get what you want. I do things My way, I am in charge, and My boundaries don't budge in response to cash. The attendees of these events who get the most out of their sessions with Me are the ones who understand that, and find a particular kind of catharsis from having an encounter where they truly don't hold the power for once. Letting go is necessary and delicious ;)

Be Prepared for the Deposit

Due to so many visitors who fail to take the previous points into consideration when booking, the required Deposit for booking a session with Me during these events is significantly higher than usual. Certain session types may even require full tribute at the time of booking. You can google Me and see that I'm well reviewed and have a vast internet presence with a great reputation, so there's no need to be worried I'm going to run off with your money. A large deposit or full tribute at the time of booking guarantees that My time isn't wasted if you are having just a little too much fun at ACL Music Festival or the Formula 1 Grand Prix and don't manage to make it to the dungeon for our time together.

If you made it through all of that, you're probably the well-prepared type who does their research before jumping into things. The next step is to fill out My SESSION REQUEST FORM and then await My response. Be sure to check your spam folder in the days following your request. Long gaps of time between your responses to Me will likely result in some other sub grabbing your session time up quicker.

Have fun!


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