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One hour / 450

Two hours / 900

Three hours /1300

Four hours /1600

A separate, non-refundable hourly dungeon rental fee is required at booking. 

Booking a session outside of Austin? See My TRAVEL page for tribute information.

Don't want a regular dungeon session? Consider these possibilities:


BOOK A SESSION - Fill out the form thoroughly to ensure an enjoyable experience and prompt response. If you desire something that isn't listed, you may include it in the notes at the bottom of the form. I enjoy things of a strange and bizarre nature, so there's no need to be uncomfortable sharing your secrets with Me. You may use a fake name for anonymity if you have privacy concerns but I may request screening information under certain circumstances. 

My classic BDSM sessions are individually tailored with your interests and desires in mind- but ultimately you are here to serve My whims. This is why I have a checklist that must be submitted with session requests. I want to know your limits and craft a session that pushes your buttons and skirts the edges of what you can handle in a tantalizing way. 

Nervous beginners can trust that My ethical approach and years of honed skill will lend to a life-changing but ultimately safe experience. More advanced players who have perhaps plateaued will find that My devious mind and extraordinary intuition lead to depths previously imagined unattainable. 

My interests and areas of skill are widely varied. 


  • Piss Play- golden showers, nectar drinking, human urinal, piss enemas

  • Sharps- needle play, staples, suturing, blood cupping, cutting

  • Branding- permanent & artistic signs of devotion

  • Impact Play- cathartic beatings, caning, flogging, paddling, spanking

  • Experimentation & Torture- CBT, nipple torture, medical, electro, Mad Science

  • Scent Worship- socks, panties, pantyhose, body scent

  • Feminization- encouraging, humiliating, sissification (read about My Bespoke Feminization Experiences)

​Other considerations:​​

  • Degradation & Verbal Play

  • Smothering

  • Heavy Bondage & Immobilization

  • Boot Worship

  • Foot Worship

  • Tease and Denial

  • Predicament Bondage

  • Ballbusting

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Objectification

  • Human Furniture

  • Human Toilet

  • Bullying

  • Scissorholds

  • Slut Training / Pegging

  • Food Play





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