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One hour / 800

Two hours / 1550

Three hours / 2300

Four hours / 3000

A deposit or separate dungeon rental fee is required at the time of booking.  

Booking a session outside of Austin? See My TRAVEL page for tribute information.

Fill out the SESSION REQUEST FORM thoroughly to get in touch.

Ready to take things further? Satisfy your dreams of worshiping My luscious, statuesque body. Become My plaything, existing only for My pleasure. My inimitable Erotic Domination sessions are more intimate, raw, & sensual- prepare for a truly decadent encounter where you submit to your desires and Mine. 

As a skilled and established Dominatrix, I hold the keys to unlocking your deviant impulses. I'll lead you out of your comfort zone in exhilarating ways...and teach you how to push yourself further for our mutual pleasure.

My ability to tease and tantalize can only be described as otherworldly. I find Myself quite aroused showing you all the pleasure that lies just beyond your reach (or does it?) My expressive, hedonistic nature coupled with a sadistic fetish for your desperation will leave you feeling virtually explosive. This tends to pair well with heavy bondage, if you're brave enough. 

These sessions are reserved for those who understand the importance of discretion in communication, and who submit to My simple screening process. The possibilities are nearly endless when you follow My lead.

Interested in cuckolding? LEARN MORE

Spend the night in My clutches - LEARN MORE


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