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​You are expected to arrive and knock at the exact time your session is scheduled for. Be sure you have showered and please do not douse yourself with Axe body spray! It's unnecessary and offensive. There is a shower at the dungeon, but if you anticipate needing to use it before the session I'll need to know in advance so we can arrange for you to arrive earlier. If your session calls for it, you are required to use an enema a few hours before. Fleet saline is the best option, and I will not accept any excuses. Use the self checkout line if you're embarrassed.

Brush your teeth. We will be in very close proximity to each other, so out of respect for Me you will be minty fresh or I will administer mouthwash forcefully.

Be sure to bring the remainder of My tribute in cash. Tips, tokens of affection, and Whole Foods gift cards are the way to My heart and subsequently contribute to your enjoyment.

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