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You might identify as a switch or even as dominant in your personal kink life, but during your time with Me you will be submissive. This means obeying any directions (within your limits) I give, with pleasure. I will not tolerate being told what to do in the middle of a session, or allow requests/demands to do different activities than were negotiated prior to play. This doesn't mean there's no room for spontaneity or improvisation, but rather that it's up to Me and not you.


However, you can always use your safe word if the session gets too intense or goes in a direction you aren't comfortable with; and that's allowed and encouraged. This is about mutual pleasure and you're guaranteed to get the most fulfilling session if you do things in a way that pleases Me.

This also applies to our pre-booking communications. Being pushy or demanding is unattractive and makes Me less likely to session with you. I'm selective and won't work with people who don't show respect for My process and My boundaries.

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