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SPECIAL: No Dungeon Rental Fee

April 23rd through May 6th I will be offering sessions with no additional dungeon rental fee. This is a rare, one-time opportunity to see Me in a decadent and immersive Dungeon without any additional cost. The Austin Dungeon is the perfect place to experience total submission with zero reminders of daily life once you pass through the door.

For those of you who have been considering an overnight session or even something more extended such as 24 or 48 hour experiences, this is an opportunity to do so for a significantly reduced cost.

All-inclusive 14 hour overnight session tributes:

Classic BDSM // 2000

Erotic Domination // 3000

In My overnight sessions, you can step into My world and experience a taste of what being My full-time submissive would entail. These sessions include several hours of intense and varied play bringing you deep under My control followed by sleep in a locked, padded cage in the dungeon... while I retire comfortably in the plush bed across the room- keeping a watchful eye.

Perhaps another Domme or My lover will stop by to tease you? This length of time allows for endless indulgent scenarios. Meals are incorporated into play-time for a seamless experience.

If you aren't quite ready for an extended taste of My world, regular hourly sessions are also being offered without an additional rental fee.


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